Technology / Home Audio / Compressor: A type of dynamic range processor which reduces the gain of audio signals which are over an adjustable 'threshold' level, therefore reducing the dynamic range. Generally allows the operator control over threshold, ratio, attack and release times. Both analogue and digital types are available.


Business / Finance / Ratio: A comparison of financial statement elements in the form of a quotient. Ratios such as the price/earnings ratio, return on assets, and quick ratio are often used for analyzing financial statements. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Supercharger: An air compressor used to force more air into the combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine which allows it to burn more fuel and results in more power. (Also known as a Blower). When the b MORE


Life Style / Painting / Airbrush: An implement that resembles a thick fountain-pen and which has a small container near the nozzle. By air pressure supplied from a container or a mechanical compressor, varnish, fixative or colours can MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Limiter: An electronic compressor with a fixed ratio of 10:1 or greater. The dynamic action effectively prevents the audio signal from becoming any larger than the threshold setting. For example, if the thresh MORE

Signal Processors

Technology / Home Audio / Signal Processors: Electronic devices which alter sound either to achieve a particular effect or to solve a problem with that sound (e.g. Delays, compressors, reverbs, noise gates, equalizers). MORE

COder-DECoder (Codec)

Technology / Computers / COder-DECoder (Codec): 1) Short for Compressor/Decompressor. This technology is used for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs are widely used in both hardware and software. A few examples of codecs are: Cinepak, Indeo MORE