Technology / Home Audio / Cone: The cone-shaped diaphragm of a speaker. This is directly attached to the voice coil motor which actions produces the pulsation's of air that the ear detects as sound. Also useful for holding ice cream.


Technology / Home Audio / Dual-Cone: Many factory installed auto speakers are of the dual cone type. Sometimes also referred to as a 'full-range' speaker, it uses an inexpensive, efficient design. The small 'whizzer' cone in the center o MORE

Volcanic Cone

Science / Geology / Volcanic Cone: A cone-shaped hill or mountain composed of pyroclastic debris and/or lava which builds up around a volcanic vent during eruptions. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Snowcone: Common term for when a fielder catches a ball, and a portion of the ball protrudes the end of the glove, appearing like a snowcone. MORE

Stress Cones

Technology / Motors / Stress Cones: A physical protection placed over the external connections point on medium and high voltage motor leads. Stress cones are used to avoid di-electric breakdown of motor leads in the vicinity of the exte MORE

Cone Of Depression

Science / Geology / Cone Of Depression: A cone-shaped lowering of the water table around a producing well. MORE

Composite Cone

Science / Geology / Composite Cone: A cone-shaped volcanic mountain composed of alternating layers of cinders and lava flows. Also known as a stratovolcano. MORE