Technology / Home Audio / Connectors: There are several different ways to connect the cables from your receiver or amplifier to your speakers. Bare wire connections are acceptable, especially with 'spring clip' terminals. However, there are other connector types that provide more solid and secure connections, especially with binding post terminals.

R-F Connectors

Technology / Television (TV) / R-F Connectors: An RF coaxial cable type output on a satellite TV set-top box to connect with old TV sets that do not include separate audio and video connectors. This type of connection do not support stereo audio o MORE

Pin-Type Connectors

Technology / Home Audio / Pin-Type Connectors: Will work with both spring clip and binding post terminals. This is probably the best type for connecting a thick, heavy-gauge wire to a small spring clip connector. On a 5-way binding post, this slen MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Bi-Wiring: Involves connecting two sets of cables to your speakers, like bi-amping, but both sets of cables connect to the same set of output connectors on your receiver or amplifier. Bi-wiring doesn't deliver m MORE