Technology / Home Audio / Coulomb: An amount of electrical charge which contains 6.24 x 1018 of electrons. So there!

Coulomb (C)

Science / Chemistry / Coulomb (C): The SI unit of electric charge, equal to the amount of charge delivered by a current of 1 ampere running for 1 second. One mole of electrons has a charge of about 96487 C. MORE

Coulombic Interactions

Science / Chemistry / Coulombic Interactions: Attractions between opposite charges or repulsions between like charges that grow stronger as the charges become closer to each other. MORE

Amperes (A)

Technology / Home Audio / Amperes (A): Ampere is a unit measurement of current of electrical energy equal to one coulomb of charge per second. Most DC applications refer to positive current - current which flows from a positive potential t MORE


Science / Chemistry / Volt: The SI unit of electrical potential. One volt equals one joule per coulomb. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Ampere: (A) amp. The SI unit of electric current, equal to flow of 1 coulomb of charge per second. An ampere is the amount of current necessary to produce a force of 0.2 micronewtons per meter between two arb MORE


Science / Chemistry / Debye: A common non-SI unit of dipole moment, named for Dutch physical chemist Peter Debye. A charge separation equal to one electron charge placed one ?…ngstrom unit apart has a dipole moment of 4.8 D. In MORE