Counter Firing

Technology / Home Audio / Counter Firing: A method for reducing harmonic distortion at low frequencies that involves the use of a secondary coil in a woofer or mid bass driver to cancel non-fundamental wave elements not found in the original signal. The signal from the coil is used by the amplifier to refine it's damping control over the cone motion. This proprietary servo-feedback technology was originally developed by Velodyne in the early '90s.

Other Words for Counter

Counter Noun Synonyms: table, bar
Counter Verb Synonyms: token, disc, chip, piece, marker


Science / Marine Biology / Countershading: Condition of organisms in the water column that are dark-colored on top but light-colored on the bottom MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Countersink: To enlarge the top part of a hole at an angle for a flat-head screw. Also, the tool that is used. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Countersteer: A motorcycle turns left/right by slightly pushing the left/right handlebar. Push left, go left. Push right, go right. This is called countersteering. MORE