Crossover Slope

Technology / Home Audio / Crossover Slope: The rate at which a crossover circuit attenuates the blocked frequencies. Slope is expressed as decibels per octave. A 6db per octave crossover reduces signal amplitude level by 6db in every octave starting at the crossover point. This means that every time the frequency of the audio signal is changed by a factor of 2 (one octave), the level of the audio signal is attenuated by 6db. For example, if a low-pass crossover is set at 60Hz with a 6db slope, you'll see a drop in level of 6db at 120Hz. With slopes of 12db and higher, the output beyond the crossover point will be reduced to below the level of audibility.

Other Words for Slope

Slope Noun Synonyms: incline, decline, ascend, descend, rise, fall, dip, sink, drop (off), angle, slant, pitch, tilt, tip

Glide Slope

Technology / Aviation / Glide Slope: (1) The angle between horizontal and the glide path of an aircraft. (2) A tightly-focused radio beam transmitted from the approach end of a runway indicating the minimum approach angle that will clear MORE

Downslope Effect

Science / Weather / Downslope Effect: The warming of an air flow as it descends a hill or mountain slope. MORE


Science / Genetics / Crossovers: The exchange of genetic material between two paired chromosome during meiosis. MORE