Technology / Home Audio / Damping: As Newton observed, an object once set in ,motion will keep on moving unless a restrictive counterforce is applied. Damping is that force at work in the mechanical resistance that is applied to a speaker cone to keep it from resonating in the absence of an input signal. It is also the factor that is applied as a control voltage by the amplifier for the same purpose. These measures help reduce or dampen Harmonic Distortion. This also improves bass accuracy.

Damping Factor

Technology / Home Audio / Damping Factor: The ratio of rated load impedance to the internal impedance of an amplifier. The higher the value, the more efficiently an amplifier can control unwanted movement of the speaker coil. A high damping f MORE

Protective Well

Science / Tides and Currents / Protective Well: A vertical pipe with a relatively large opening (intake) in the bottom. It is used with the air acoustic ranging sensor and electronic processing (filtering) technique to minimize the nonlinear charac MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Butyl: A type of rubber used for speaker surrounds. Butyl has very good damping characteristics and is resistant to UV contamination from the sun. MORE