Dc Converter

Technology / Home Audio / Dc Converter: Since 12 volts limits the amplitude of an audio signal, a group of components within an amplifier converts battery voltage (DC) into AC so that it can be increased by swetching devices and a transformer, and converted back to DC (rectified). This provides higher voltage to drive the amplification stage to higher power. Also called the Power Supply circuit.


Business / Finance / Midcap: A stock with a capitalization of usually between $1 billion and $5 billion. MORE

Less-Developed Countries (Ldcs)

Business / Finance / Less-Developed Countries (Ldcs): Also known as emerging markets. Countries who's per capita GDP is below a World Bank-determined level. MORE

Midcap Spdrs

Business / Finance / Midcap Spdrs: This is the same as a SPDR, except that the index it tracks is Standard & Poor's Midcap 400. This SPDR also trades on the AMEX, under the symbol MDY. MORE