Technology / Home Audio / Decay: The time of reduction of the level of a signal immediately after its cessation .

Other Words for Decay

Decay Verb Synonyms: rot, decompose, moulder, putrefy, spoil, turn, go bad, go off
Decay Adjective Synonyms: a decline, wane, ebb, dwindle, diminish, decrease
Decay Noun Synonyms: rot, rotting, decomposition, mould, putrefaction, mortification

Radioactive Decay

Science / Biology / Radioactive Decay: The spontaneous decay of an atom to an atom of a different element by emission of a particle from its nucleus (alpha and beta decay) or by electron capture. MORE

Alpha Decay

Science / Biology / Alpha Decay: Type of radioactive decay in which a radioisotope emits a large but slow-moving particle consisting of two protons and two neutrons. MORE

Beta Decay

Science / Biology / Beta Decay: Type of radioactive decay in which a radioisotope emits a small, negatively-charged and fast-moving particle from its nucleus. The beta particle is similar in size, charge, and speed to an electron an MORE

Decay Series

Science / Biology / Decay Series: Most radioisotopes do not decay into a stable daughter element in one single decay, but rather through a series of radioactive intermediaries. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Detritus: Particulate material that enters into a marine or aquatic system. If derived from decaying organic matter it is organic detritus. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Detrivore: An organism that feeds on large bits of dead and decaying organic matter. What detrivores leave behind is used by decomposers. Crabs and seabirds are examples of detrivores. Compare decomposer; see al MORE