Die Cast (Basket)

Technology / Home Audio / Die Cast (Basket): A type of speaker basket or frame that is cast as a single piece of relatively thick, rigid metal. This contrasts with a Stamped frame that is shaped by pressure, much like a car body fender. Cast metal is heavier and more rigid, and thus less likely to 'ring' at certain frequencies, and will hold its shape somewhat longer against the pull of gravity. This is mainly advantageous in the larger woofers of 12' or greater. Smaller drivers will likely not benefit perceptibly from being cast.

Other Words for Cast

Cast Noun Synonyms: throw, toss, pitch, shy, lob, thrust, chuck
Cast Verb Synonyms: throw, toss, pitch, fling, sling, hurl, dash, send, chuck, shy

Other Words for Die

Die Adjective Synonyms: expire, end, stop, cease
Die Verb Synonyms: troubled, troubling, tough, burdensome, onerous, demanding, trying, hard, grim, dark, unfavorable, straitening
Die Noun Synonyms: lose one's life, lay down one's life, perish, expire, decease, suffer death, Euphemistic depart, give up the ghost, be no more, (go to) meet one's Maker, breathe one's last, go to the happy hunting-grounds, go to one's reward

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