Technology / Home Audio / Diffusion: The scattering of sound. Diffusion reduces the ability of a listener to pinpoint the actual location of a speaker, a useful quality in surround speakers. Diffuse surrounds create a wraparound soundfield that draws you into the on-screen action.

Diffusion Condenser Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Diffusion Condenser Enlarger: Enlarger that combines diffuse light with a condenser system, producing more contrast and sharper detail than a diffusion enlarger but less contrast than a condenser enlarger. MORE

Diffusion Rate

Science / Chemistry / Diffusion Rate: The number of randomly moving molecules that pass through a unit area per second. Diffusion rates are fastest when a large concentration difference exists on either side of the unit area. Diffusion ra MORE

Diffusion Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Diffusion Enlarger: Enlarger that scatters light before it strikes the negative, distributing light evenly on the negative. Detail is not as sharp as with a condenser enlarger. MORE

Diffusion Process

Business / Finance / Diffusion Process: Swap between two LIBOR rates of interest, e.g., yen LIBOR for dollar LIBOR Payments are in one currency. MORE

Lighting Diffusion

Technology / Television (TV) / Lighting Diffusion: The hardness or softness of a light source. Hard light casts a sharp, definite shadow. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Diffusing: Process of softening detail in a print with a diffusion disk or other material that scatters light. MORE