Technology / Home Audio / Din: Acronym for Deutsche Industrie Norm (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung), the German standardization body. A world reference standard for the mounting parameters of many common receivers ( Head ends) as well as other types of cables and equipment. Single DIN is the standard face size for receivers, and measures 7-3/8'wide by 2-1/4' high. DIN+1/2 measures 7-3/8'wide by 3-3/8'high. Double DIN measures 7-3/8'wide by 4-1/2' high.

Other Words for Din

Din Noun Synonyms: instil, drum, hammer
Din Adjective Synonyms: noise, clamour, uproar, shouting, screaming, yelling, babel, clangour, clatter, commotion, racket, row, hullabaloo, hubbub, hurly-burly, rumpus, hollering, blare, blaring, bray, braying, bellow, bellowing, roar, blast, roaring, pandemonium

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