Discrete Output Devices

Technology / Home Audio / Discrete Output Devices: A separate active unit in an amplifier, capable of performing a single essential function within the output circuit. There are three basic types of output devices found on car audio amplifiers — integrated circuits, bipolar transistors, or mosfets. Integrated Circuits (or IC)are found only on relatively low-wattage (20 watts RMS per channel or less) amplifiers and receivers. An IC incorporates many functional devices and thus is not considered a discrete output device. Most cannot handle more than 25 watts RMS. Bipolar transistors and mosfets are found on the output stages of high powered amplifiers. They are fast enough and can handle enough current to provide power in excess of 20 watts per channel to speakers. Both of these types of transistors are considered discrete output devices. Usually there are two per channel, but some amps feature as many as eight per channel.

Other Words for Devices

Devices Noun Synonyms: pleasure, disposition, will, inclination, fancy, desire, whim

Other Words for Discrete

Discrete Noun Synonyms: separate, distinct, individual, disconnected, unattached, discontinuous

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Output Noun Synonyms: productivity, achievement, efficiency
Output Adjective Synonyms: production, result, yield, crop, harvest

Output (Audio)

Technology / Home Audio / Output (Audio): The high level (speaker) or line level (RCA) signals sent from one system component to another, or the high level signal from an amplifier to the system speakers. MORE


Technology / Computers / Output: Information that has been processed by the computer and is then sent to an output device, like a hard disk, video display, printer or modem. MORE

Network Basic Input - Output System (NetBIOS)

Technology / Computers / Network Basic Input - Output System (NetBIOS): A commonly used networking protocol originally developed for LANs. Operates on the Session and Transport layers of the OSI model, so doesn't make use of physical network characteristics. MORE