Technology / Home Audio / Dress: The arrangement of signal leads and wiring for optimum circuit operation, cosmetic appeal, and protective routing.

Other Words for Dress

Dress Verb Synonyms: clothe, put on (clothing or clothes), attire, apparel, outfit, fit out, garb, accoutre or also accouter, array, bedeck, deck out, rig out, smarten up

Definable Reply-To Address

Technology / Email / Definable Reply-To Address: When you send an email and the recipient clicks 'reply,' normally the email address that the message was sent from will automatically be used. This feature allows you to specify an address other than MORE

Email Address Finder

Technology / Email / Email Address Finder: Service that allows you to search for other people's email addresses by entering their name, address, etc. MORE

Email Change of Address (ECOA)

Technology / Email / Email Change of Address (ECOA): A process that provides updated email addresses for data files based on consumer-provided, permission-based data. MORE


Technology / Computers / Addressing: A method of identifying a resource (such as a program) or piece of information (such as a file) on a network. Methods of addressing vary considerably from network-to-network. MORE

Address Bus

Technology / Computers / Address Bus: One or a series of electrical conductors that are used to carry the binary address from the microprocessor to the rest of the system. MORE

Spam-Trap Address

Technology / Email / Spam-Trap Address: An email address that is set up specifically to catch people who are harvesting addresses or using directory attacks to send unsolicited email. Used by Brightmail, ISPs and many in the anti-spam commu MORE