Dust Cover-Cap

Technology / Home Audio / Dust Cover-Cap: A rigid cardboard or plastic dome placed over the opening to the voice coil cylinder in a dynamic cone driver. The main purpose is to prevent dust from falling into the voice coil-magnet gap and causing problems. In some units it may have a slight ancillary function in extending - slightly - the midrange/ high response. Occasionally the dome may be inverted in such a manner as to extend the inner surface of the woofer and provide a very slight improvement in the smoothness of low frequency to midrange roll-off.

Infant Industry Argument

Business / Finance / Infant Industry Argument: The category describing a company's primary business activity. This category is usually determined by the largest portion of revenue. MORE

JA Prestwich Industries Ltd (JAP)

Technology / Motorcycle / JA Prestwich Industries Ltd (JAP): English engine manufacturer. Engines were produced for motorcycles such as Brough Superior, Triumph, and HRD Motorcycles (the forerunner of Vincent Motorcycles). Founded in 1903 by John A Prestwich, t MORE

Key Industry

Business / Finance / Key Industry: An industry that plays a critical role in a nation's economy. MORE