Easter Egg

Technology / Home Audio / Easter Egg: A surprise 'extra' coded into DVD's, computer programs or web pages that is accessed by an undocumented keystroke combination or hidden link.

Easter Eggs

Entertainment / Video Games / Easter Eggs: Hidden features inside of video games. The first Easter Egg was a hidden room inside the Atari 2600 game Adventure (1980). These can also take the form of built-in cheat codes. MORE

Fried Egg

Entertainment / Golf / Fried Egg: A lie (usually in a sand filled bunker) in which the ball is half buried and thus resembles a fried egg MORE

Goose Egg

Entertainment / Baseball / Goose Egg: Refers to a Zero put up on the scoreboard after an inning. MORE

Eggshell Finish

Life Style / Painting / Eggshell Finish: The degree of gloss between a flat and gloss finish. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Eggshell: An interior paint that has a silk-like appearance. MORE

Egg White

Entertainment / Liquor / Egg White: An egg white is an excellent way to put a head on a drink. It also cuts harshness and makes for a smoother taste. Always add the egg white before the liquor. MORE