Technology / Home Audio / Effect: A device which modifies sonic structures creatively with various processing techniques.

Other Words for Effect

Effect Noun Synonyms: effectiveness, efficacy, force, power, capacity, potency, influence, impression, impact, clout, punch
Effect Adjective Synonyms: result, consequence, outcome, conclusion, upshot, aftermath, impact

Photoelectric Effect

Science / Chemistry / Photoelectric Effect: Ejection of electrons from an atom or molecule that has absorbed a photon of sufficient energy. The photoelectric effect is the operating principle behind 'electric eyes'; it is experimental evidence MORE

Inductive Effect

Science / Chemistry / Inductive Effect: An inductive effect is the polarization of a chemical bond caused by the polarization of an adjacent bond. (Field effects are polarization caused by nonadjacent bonds). MORE

Resonance Effect

Science / Chemistry / Resonance Effect: If electron density at a particular point in a molecule is higher or lower than what you'd expect from a single Lewis structure, and various canonical structures can be drawn to show how electron delo MORE

Calendar Effect

Business / Finance / Calendar Effect: Describes the tendency of stocks to perform differently at different times, including preformance anomalies like the January effect, month-of-the-year effect, day-of-the-week effect, and holiday effec MORE

Effective Pixel Count

Technology / Digital Cameras / Effective Pixel Count: There are two different ways to think about the pixels on a camera's image sensor. 'Actual' pixels is a simple count of every pixel present on the sensor. 'Effective' pixels, however, is a count of al MORE

Additive Genetic Effects

Science / Genetics / Additive Genetic Effects: When the combined effects of alleles at different loci are equal to the sum of their individual effects. MORE