Effective Piston Area (Sd)

Technology / Home Audio / Effective Piston Area (Sd): (measured in square inches or meters) The active radiating area of a speaker cone, including that part of the surround which displaces sufficient air to produce a measurable acoustic output.

Other Words for Area

Area Noun Synonyms: space, room

Other Words for Effective

Effective Verb Synonyms: effectual, efficacious, productive, capable,eful, serviceable, competent, operative, able, functional, efficient
Effective Adjective Synonyms: impressive, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous, outstanding, striking, powerful, compelling, moving, telling, effectual

Other Words for Piston

Piston Verb Synonyms: plunger

Marine Protected Area

Science / Marine Biology / Marine Protected Area: A conservation geographic unit designed to protect crucial communities and to provide reproductive reserves for fisheries that hopefully will disperse over wider areas. MORE

Major Trading Area (MTA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Major Trading Area (MTA): Usually composed of several contiguous basic trading areas. A service area designed by Rand McNally and adopted by the FCC. There are 51 MTAs in the United States. MORE

Major Land Resource Area (MLRA)

Business / Agriculture / Major Land Resource Area (MLRA): Major land resource areas are geographically associated land resource units delineated by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and characterized by a particular pattern that combines soils, wate MORE

Metro Area

Technology / Television (TV) / Metro Area: A U.S. Government definition: the counties that comprise each Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area. MORE

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): One of 306 geographic regions, primarily urban areas, in the United States that are used as license areas in the cellular frequency band. Originally, two wireless operators were licensed in each MSA. MORE

Out-Of-Area Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Out-Of-Area Benefits: Benefits the health plan provides to covered persons for covered services obtained outside of the network service area. The details of such benefits will vary from plan to plan. MORE