Technology / Home Audio / Efficiency: The ability of an audio system to convert electrical energy (watts) into mechanical energy (Decibels of acoustical energy). This ratio is usually given as the amount of energy measured in Decibels at a distance of one meter from the input of one watt of electrical energy. In most speakers, the greater the efficiency rating, the louder the unit will play in response to the same setting of the volume control, in comparison to less efficient types. The overall efficiency for most speakers systems is under 20 percent. Typical speakers can be rated at anywhere from 85 to 110 db. Keep in mind, of course, that efficiency is only one parameter of a speaker's overall quality.

Other Words for Efficiency

Efficiency Noun Synonyms: productivity, effectiveness, efficaciousness
Efficiency Adjective Synonyms: effectiveness, efficacy, competence, capability, adeptness, proficiency, expertness, expertise, know-how, experience, skill, skillfulness, dexterity, adroitness

Semistrong-Form Efficiency

Business / Finance / Semistrong-Form Efficiency: A form of pricing efficiency that profits the price of a security fully reflects all public information (including, but not limited to, historical price and trading patterns). Compare weak-form effici MORE

Sensitivity (Efficiency)

Technology / Home Audio / Sensitivity (Efficiency): The rating of a loudspeaker that indicates the level of a sound intensity that the speaker produces (in db) at a distance of one meter when it receives one watt of input power.The Efficiency or Sensit MORE

Marketplace Price Efficiency

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