Electrostatic Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Electrostatic Driver: The Electrostatic Driver generates a motive force for its diaphragm by the interaction of electric rather than magnetic fields as is the case for the dynamic driver. The electrostatic driver is basically 'hung' on a frame. It does NOT have a box enclosure, so a great deal of 'coloration' (frequency response fluctuations caused by the enclosure reflections) is avoided. A large diaphragm of lightweight material is placed between two perforated (acoustically transparent) electrodes. The diaphragm is electrically polarized at a few thousand volts relative to the electrodes, which maintain a large electrostatic field. The audio signal is applied to the two electrodes in a push-pull fashion. Under these conditions, the diaphragm will vibrate in step with the audio drive signal and produce sound. Because it is a true push-pull driver (i.e. Its diaphragm is driven from both front and rear), it operates in a linear fashion. In an electrostatic driver, the driving force is uniform over the entire diaphragm surface (note that for the Dynamic Driver, the diaphragm is driven over a small portion of its overall surface) as a result, Electrostatic Drivers do not suffer drastically from 'breakup' effect as dynamic drivers. Gross distortion typically results only if the driving amplifier clips into the speaker, or when, in an attempt to play the driver at a higher sound level than its design permits, its step-up transformer may reach a point of saturation. Due to the diaphragm of the electrostatic driver being of low mass (lightweight), its transient response is excellent and reproduction of subtle, low-level musical details is exceptional.

Piezoelectric Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Piezoelectric Driver: This is among the most robust and least expensive alternative drivers for the high frequency reproduction. The material used in the Piezoelectric Driver is a piezoelectric polymer first developed in t MORE

Ribbon Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Ribbon Driver: The ribbon tweeter driver is a very thin corrugated aluminum 'voice coil' hanging freely like a streamer in a side-by-side magnetic field. A ribbon is actually a type of dynamic driver, in which the v MORE

Virtual Device Driver (VDD)

Technology / Computers / Virtual Device Driver (VDD): In Windows systems, a special type of device driver that has direct access to the operating system kernel. This allows them to interact with system and hardware resources at a very low level. In Windo MORE