Technology / Home Audio / Enclosure: A cabinet in which the various Drivers are housed. This arrangement is absolutely essential if bass response is desired from the woofer, which by itself in the open air, will produce very little low frequency response. This is so because of an effect called phase cancellation. This means that the sound wave coming from the back of the speaker at low frequencies is identical in form and intensity to the one coming from the front of the cone. When they meet, as in the open air, they are exactly 180 degrees out of phase and thus cancel each other out. An enclosure either prevents this from occurring or modifies the interaction so that the backwave actually reinforces the front wave. Tweeters and midranges are less severly effected by the phase cancellation effects, and are not in need of enclosures.

Other Words for Enclosure

Enclosure Noun Synonyms: fence, wall, rail, railing, barrier, hedge, barricade, boundary
Enclosure Verb Synonyms: fold, pen, cote, run, sty, yard, farmyard, barnyard, courtyard, quadrangle or quad, square, compound, close, corral

Ported (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Ported (Enclosure): Any enclosure design with ports. In such designs the internal pressure wave is processed to be used either solely, or in conjunction with the woofer front wave in order to produce sound. A port can be MORE

Bandpass Enclosure

Technology / Home Audio / Bandpass Enclosure: An enclosure that is specifically tuned to give maximum energy to a very limited range of frequencies, usually the lowest. In this arrangement, the woofers are fully enclosed in the box with the sound MORE

Totally -Enclosed Enclosure

Technology / Motors / Totally -Enclosed Enclosure: A motor enclosure which prevents free exchange of air between the inside and the outside of the enclosure but is not airtight. Different methods of cooling can be used with this enclosure. MORE