Enclosure Volume

Technology / Home Audio / Enclosure Volume: The total amount of internal airspace of an enclosure. Each woofer has an optimal airspace volume that helps it meet it's bass potential. This resonance cavity specification usually measured in cubic feet, includes the net driver and vent volumes. To find the volume of a cube multiply hxwxd in inches. Divide the result be 1725 (the number of inches in a cubic foot) to get the volume in cubic feet.

Other Words for Enclosure

Enclosure Verb Synonyms: fold, pen, cote, run, sty, yard, farmyard, barnyard, courtyard, quadrangle or quad, square, compound, close, corral
Enclosure Noun Synonyms: fence, wall, rail, railing, barrier, hedge, barricade, boundary

Other Words for Volume

Volume Noun Synonyms: amount, quantity, supply, mass, bulk, abundance, sum total, aggregate

Swept Volume

Technology / Motorcycle / Swept Volume: The volume displaced by a piston’s travel. MORE

Total Volume

Business / Finance / Total Volume: Total sales and other revenue for the period shown. Known as 'turnover' in the U.K. MORE

Totally -Enclosed Enclosure

Technology / Motors / Totally -Enclosed Enclosure: A motor enclosure which prevents free exchange of air between the inside and the outside of the enclosure but is not airtight. Different methods of cooling can be used with this enclosure. MORE