Technology / Home Audio / Ergonomics: The accessibility and ease of controlling a system in normal operational mode with a minimum of motion and thought required.

Naked Bikes

Technology / Motorcycle / Naked Bikes: Sport or standard motorcycles with minimum bodywork, fairings or windshields. This is a motorbike in its most basic form. The emphasis is on functionality and ergonomics rather than aerodynamic body p MORE

Sport Tourer

Technology / Motorcycle / Sport Tourer: A motorcycle that combines some of the handling and power of a sport bike, with some of the amenities of a touring bike, like saddlebags, comfortable ergonomics, etc. Not as focused as either a pure s MORE

Aston Patterning

Health / Massage / Aston Patterning: Aston-Patterning is an educational process, developed by Judith Aston in 1977, combining movement coaching, bodywork, ergonomics, and fitness training. It can be helpful to individuals seeking relief MORE