Technology / Home Audio / Excursion: The back-and-forth travel of a cone in a dynamic Driver. How loud a speaker can play depends on how much air it can move without overheating. How much air can be moved is determined by the surface area of the cone as it moves back and forth (Xmax), the Enclosure resonance, and the suspension compliance of the motor system.

Other Words for Excursion

Excursion Adjective Synonyms: trip, tour, outing, airing, expedition, voyage, cruise, journey, junket, jaunt, ramble, stroll, walk, hike, trek, drive, ride, sail

Excursion Limited SPL

Technology / Home Audio / Excursion Limited SPL: The maximum sound pressure level the system can produce given an input signal equal to the rated excursion limited power handling. MORE

Shore Excursion Manager

Life Style / Travel / Shore Excursion Manager: His or her primary responsibilities are the promotion, arrangement, and supervision of all shore excursion programs arranged on behalf of the cruise line by the independent organizations that provide MORE

Advance Purchase Excursion (Apex)

Life Style / Travel / Advance Purchase Excursion (Apex): Generally the lowest and most heavily restricted airfare. MORE