Excursion Limited Power Handling

Technology / Home Audio / Excursion Limited Power Handling: Based on the maximum amount of power the driver can handle without appreciable distortion. All frequencies 30 Hz and above are considered in this limit.

Other Words for Excursion

Excursion Adjective Synonyms: trip, tour, outing, airing, expedition, voyage, cruise, journey, junket, jaunt, ramble, stroll, walk, hike, trek, drive, ride, sail

Other Words for Limited

Limited Verb Synonyms: circumscribed, restricted, fixed, predetermined, small, little, reduced, minimal

Other Words for Power

Power Verb Synonyms: control, dominance, authority, mastery, rule, influence, sway, command, ascendancy, sovereignty, dominion, weight, clout, pull, drag
Power Noun Synonyms: control, command, authority

Excursion Limited SPL

Technology / Home Audio / Excursion Limited SPL: The maximum sound pressure level the system can produce given an input signal equal to the rated excursion limited power handling. MORE

Power Spectrum

Science / Spiders / Power Spectrum: intensity [= squared amplitude] of the Fourier transform, presented either in the form of an image (= the outcome of the PW operation) or as a profile (= the outcome of averaging the 2D power spectrum MORE

Power Player

Entertainment / Bowling / Power Player: A cranker; hard hitting, big hook, faster than average speed player. MORE

Power Play Goal

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Power Play Goal: A goal scored by a team on the power play. Compare short-handed goal. MORE

Power Play

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Power Play: An attack by a team at full strength against a team playing one man (or two men) shorthanded because of a penalty (or penalties) which resulted in a player on the opposing team receiving penalty-box t MORE

Power Stop - Drive

Entertainment / Basketball / Power Stop - Drive: Power drive is a continuous shooting move in which a player stops dribbling and makes a huge leap forward, while securing the ball in both hands from the dribbling hand, then making a layup. The move MORE