Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT)

Technology / Home Audio / Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT): A method by which a system is described using an impulse response. Both frequency and time data can be extracted, with room reflections removed, providing an extremely accurate analysis. Mathematical manipulation of the data is employed to view system parameters from a variety of perspectives.

Other Words for Transform

Transform Verb Synonyms: change, modify, transfigure, alter, transmute, metamorphose, turn into, convert, transmogrify, mutate, permute

Transformational Grammar

Entertainment / Literature / Transformational Grammar: An influential theory of grammar associated with the linguist Noam Chomsky. This theory, also known as generative grammar, or transformational-generative grammar (and abbreviated T-G), tries to explai MORE

Transformational Leadership

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Transformational Leadership: A systematic form of leadership focusing on change and innovation. According to Bernard Bass, it is a form of leadership occurring when leaders "broaden and elevate the interests of their employees, w MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Transformer: An electrical inductive device that can be used to provide circuitry isolation, signal coupling, impedance matching, or voltage step-up. MORE

Transforming Factor

Science / Biology / Transforming Factor: Griffiths name for the unknown material leading to transformation; later found to be DNA. MORE


Science / Biology / Transformation: In Griffiths experiments with strains of pneumonia bacterium, the process by which hereditary information passed from dead cells of one strain into cells of another strain, causing them to take on the MORE

Transform Fault

Science / Geology / Transform Fault: A strike-slip fault connecting the ends of an offset in a mid-ocean ridge. Some pairs of plates slide past each other along transform faults. MORE