Technology / Home Audio / Fb: The tuned frequency of a Vented Enclosure, measured in Hertz. A combination of the resonance frequency of the air in a Port and the resilient pressure of the air in a Ported System. Below this point the Frequency Response of a Tuned Port system rapidly Falls Off, and the system can become unstable if asked to reproduce lower frequencies at high Amplitude.

Fullback (FB)

Entertainment / Football / Fullback (FB): A player position on offense. Originally, lined up deep behind the quarterback in the T formation. In modern formations this position may be varied, and this player has more blocking responsibilities MORE

Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

Technology / Aviation / Fixed Base Operator (FBO): An airport-based business that parks, services, fuels, and may repair aircraft: often rents aircraft and provides flight training. The term was coined to differentiate FBOs from businesses or individu MORE

Halfback Option Play

Entertainment / Football / Halfback Option Play: A trick play in which the halfback has the option to throw a pass or run MORE