Technology / Home Audio / Fidelity: A term used to describe the accuracy of recording, reproduction, or general quality of audio processing. Getting it 'high' is every designer's goal

Institue of High Fidelity (IHF)

Technology / Home Audio / Institue of High Fidelity (IHF): The premier institution for high fidelity whose standards have come to be universally recognized in application to the operation and design of sound re-enforcement and reproduction equipment. MORE

Blanket Fidelity Bond

Business / Finance / Blanket Fidelity Bond: SEC-required insurance coverage that brokerage firms are required to have in order to cover fraudulent trading by employees. MORE

Delusions Of Infidelity

Science / Psychiatry / Delusions Of Infidelity: (pathological jealousy, delusional jealousy, Othellos syndrome) delusional belief that ones spouse or lover is being unfaithful. MORE

High Fidelity

Technology / Home Audio / High Fidelity: A method of sound reproduction that emphasizes the highest possible adherence to the exact character of the original sound. This is a principal that must be paramount in every stage of the recording, MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Audio: 1. Of, or relating to, humanly audible sound, i.e., audio is all the sounds that humans hear. 2. A. Relating to the broadcasting or reception of sound. B. Relating to high-fidelity sound reproduction. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Definition: Subjective term for the clarity of a negative or print. MORE