Technology / Home Audio / Former: The cylindrical portion of a speaker's voice coil section. A wire is wound around this cylinder to form a coil such that when current interacts with the magnetic field it produces a pumping motion that alternatively compresses and rarifies air, and creates the velocity for such air masses to reach our ears as sound.

Other Words for Former

Former Noun Synonyms: previous, earlier, prior, ex-, one-time, preceding, erstwhile, late, latest, last, recent, ci-devant, quondam, whilom

Pilates Performer

Health / Pilates / Pilates Performer: The apparatus is the home version of the Universal Performer. It provides a wide range of exercises, from simple to intermediate, in order to develop the Powerhouse. It contains straps, springs, and a MORE


Science / Chemistry / Conformers: Molecular arrangements that differ only by rotations around single bonds. For example, the 'boat' and 'chair' forms of cyclohexane are conformers. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Platformer: A style of gameplay typified by a mix of running, jumping, and fighting. The style of game often includes item collection within the game world. A classic example of a 'platformer' or 'platform game' MORE