Technology / Home Audio / Fs: Fs or Free Air Resonance is the frequency at which a speaker naturally resonates, like a tuning fork. Sometimes known as ringing response.

Offside Pass

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Offside Pass: A type of offside violation occuring when a player passes the puck from his defending zone to a teammate across the red center line, play is stopped for a face-off; also known as an offside pass. MORE

Sheriffs Deed

Business / Real Estate / Sheriffs Deed: The deed given after a sheriffs sale. MORE

Folkloric Motifs

Entertainment / Literature / Folkloric Motifs: Recurring patterns of imagery or narrative that appear in folklore and folktales. Common folkloric motifs include the wise old man mentoring the young warrior, the handsome prince rescuing the damsel MORE

Food Security Wheat Reserve (FSWR)

Business / Agriculture / Food Security Wheat Reserve (FSWR): Title III of the Agriculture Act of 1980 established a reserve of up to 4 million metric tons of wheat for use in meeting emergency food needs in developing countries. This reserve generally was to be MORE

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

Business / Agriculture / Summer Food Service Program (SFSP): The SFSP operates in low-income areas during the summer months to provide meals and snacks to children in summer day camps. Federal support consists of guaranteed cash and commodity assistance and sup MORE

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

Business / Agriculture / Farm Service Agency (FSA): One result of the 1994 legislative reorganization of USDA was the consolidation of the ASCS, FCIC and fmha into a single agency, the FSA. This agency is responsible for administering farm income-suppo MORE