Technology / Home Audio / Fuse: A device designed to provide protection for a given circuit or device by physically opening the circuit. Fuses are rated by their amperage and are designed to blow or open when the current being drawn through it exceeds its design rating. They can be fast or slow acting, depending on type.

Other Words for Fuse

Fuse Noun Synonyms: blend, merge, unite, combine, compound, mix, commingle, coalesce, flow or come together, consolidate, amalgamate, melt


Technology / Aviation / Fuselage: An aircraft's main body structure housing the flight crew, passengers, and cargo and to which the wings, tail and, in most single-engined airplanes, engine are attached. French: fusel?©, tapering. MORE

Unfused Wire

Technology / Home Audio / Unfused Wire: Any section of wire between the power supply and a load that does not include the protection of a fuse or circuit breaker. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Diffuser: A commercial device like a lens or grillwork that diffuses, or scatters sound MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Diffuse: Widely spread out or scattered; not concentrated. MORE

Diffuse Lighting

Entertainment / Photography / Diffuse Lighting: Lighting that is low or moderate in contrast, such as on an overcast day. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photolamp: Tungsten filament photographic lamp with a large diffused bulb, giving light of 3200 k (kelvin). MORE