Ground Loop

Technology / Home Audio / Ground Loop: The term given to the condition that occurs when a voltage potential exists between two separate ground points.

Other Words for Ground

Ground Noun Synonyms: base, establish, organize, found, settle, set
Ground Adjective Synonyms: earth, soil, turf, sod, dirt, loam, clay, land, terrain

Other Words for Loop

Loop Verb Synonyms: hoop, noose, ring, circle, bow, eye, eyelet, coil, whorl, bend


Entertainment / Golf / Loop: 1. (mainly used by caddies) another term for a round of golf (also might refer to the player a caddie is working for or the job of caddying itself) 2. (also 'reroute') a noticeable difference in the MORE

Intentional Grounding

Entertainment / Football / Intentional Grounding: A type of illegal forward pass; thrown without an intended receiver and no chance of completion to any offensive player, for the sole purpose of conserving time or loss of yardage. This foul costs the MORE

Loop Antenna

Technology / Aviation / Loop Antenna: A circular radio antenna, either in the open or in a streamlined, teardrop housing, remotely turned 360° to fine-tune a station in league with other radio-directive devices. See also RADIO COMPASS, R MORE

Loop Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Loop Current: A current setting clockwise in the Gulf of Mexico. It enters through the Yucatan Channel from the Caribbean Sea and leaves through the Straits of Florida. MORE

Loop Of Henle

Science / Biology / Loop Of Henle: A U-shaped loop between the proximal and distal tubules in the kidney. MORE

Loop Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Loop Frame: Early motorcycle frame design in which the downtube curves underneath the engine case and then upward to become the seat-post. The earliest motorcycle builders were adapting gasoline engines to 19th c MORE