Heat Dissipation

Technology / Home Audio / Heat Dissipation: The function of transfering heat away from a component into the air to prevent damage to the output section of an amplifier or the voice coil of a speaker.

Other Words for Dissipation

Dissipation Verb Synonyms: squandering, waste, wastefulness, profligacy, abandon, abandonment, self-indulgence, self-gratification, overindulgence, intemperance, hedonism, fast or high living, dolce vita, voluptuousness, sensualism, sybaritism, dissoluteness, dissolution
Dissipation Noun Synonyms: disappearance, dispersion, dispersal, diffusion, scattering, vanishing

Other Words for Heat

Heat Adjective Synonyms: warmth, warmness, hotness, fever, fieriness, torridity or torridness
Heat Noun Synonyms: warm (up)

Heating Degree Day

Science / Weather / Heating Degree Day: One heating degree day is given for each degree that the daily mean temperature is below 65°F. It is used as an indication of fuel consumption. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Heathland: Open uncultivated land (particularly in the british isles) having sandy soil and dominated by small shrubs with small hard leaves (e.g., heather) MORE

Heating Load

Business / Construction / Heating Load: The amount of heating required to keep a building at a specified temperature during the winter, usually 65° F, regardless of outside temperature. MORE

International Wheat Agreement (IWA)

Business / Agriculture / International Wheat Agreement (IWA): Replaced in 1995 by the International Grains Agreement. MORE

Molar Heat Capacity

Science / Chemistry / Molar Heat Capacity: The heat required to raise the temperature of one mole of a substance by 1°C is called the molar heat capacity of the substance. Molar heat capacity is an intensive property with SI system units of J MORE

Latent Heat

Science / Chemistry / Latent Heat: Heat that is absorbed without causing a rise in temperature. For example, 'latent heat of vaporization' refers to the amount of heat required to convert a liquid to vapor at a particular temperature. MORE