Technology / Home Audio / Horn: A type of speaker system now principally used for high-frequency reproduction, but which is capable of full range sound in its largest format. As with those huge alpine horns, even the smallest transducer or diaphragm can produce the lowest sound if the horn is long enough and large enough at its business end. (see Compression Driver above)

Halo-Horn Effect

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Halo-Horn Effect: A form of interviewer bias, occurring when the interviewer rates or judges an individual based on the individual’s positive or strongest traits, allowing their overall perception of the person to ov MORE

Horn Tweeter

Technology / Home Audio / Horn Tweeter: A driver consisting of a relatively small emitter surmounted by a curvilinear or exponential horn. This is an effective system for radiating high frequencies in a variety of situations. The size and s MORE

Constant Directivity (Cd) Horn

Technology / Home Audio / Constant Directivity (Cd) Horn: A horn-loaded high frequency driver that exhibits more or less constant distribution of high-frequency sound in the horizontal direction. This is done by using one of several special dual shaped horn MORE