Horn Tweeter

Technology / Home Audio / Horn Tweeter: A driver consisting of a relatively small emitter surmounted by a curvilinear or exponential horn. This is an effective system for radiating high frequencies in a variety of situations. The size and shape of the horn will usually dictate the pattern and use of the driver. Long horns with narrow apertures, tend to have the narrowest radiation pattern, and are very useful in large listening rooms, especially where highly directional effects, such as surround sound requires, are mandatory. Shallower versions have more general applications, especially in car stereo applications where a wider field of coverage is desired, along with a robust driver that can withstand severe environments. In such situations, a Piezo driven emitter (driver) is highly desirable for its ability to handle high-energy inputs on a variable basis. Horns can be driven by a number of different driver types: Dynamic ,(magnet and coil) Piezo, Electrostatic, Ribbon, and even Gas Plasma have been used effectively for this purpose.


Entertainment / Music / Hornpipe: Country dance of British Isles, often in a lively triple meter: optional dance movement of solo and orchestral Baroque suite: a type of duple meter hornpipe remains popular in Irish traditional dance MORE

Inkhorn Term

Entertainment / Literature / Inkhorn Term: A word--often experimental or pompous--introduced into English during the Renaissance, especially one used primarily in writing rather than everyday conversation. Thomas Wilson wrote in his Arte of Rh MORE


Science / Geology / Hornfels: A high-temperature, low-pressure metamorphic rock of uniform grain size showing no foliation. Usually formed by contact metamorphism. MORE