Hyperbaric Resonator Impulse

Technology / Home Audio / Hyperbaric Resonator Impulse: An audible event characterized by a sudden and often unexpected pressure wave emanating from a vent port with a driver whose energetic and propulsive energy transitions, are generated by a process involving the chemical modification of legumes. This phenomenon frequently produces olfactory irritation in associated groups in consequence. This event is also know as a Farsical Audio Report Transient.

Total Impulse

Technology / Rockets / Total Impulse: The total impulse of a rocket motor is the measure of its power which is measured in Newton seconds. In model & high power rocketry, the total impulse of a motor is indicated by a letter. The table be MORE

Specific Impulse

Technology / Rockets / Specific Impulse: Specific impulse refers to the power per unit of propellant. For instance, when Aerotech says that their propellant delivers nearly three times the power of the equivalent amount of black powder prop MORE

Impulse Pay Per View (PPV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Impulse Pay Per View (PPV): The ability to buy a particular program on a last-minute decision. Pushing the 'buy' button on the remote control instead of having to make a phone call. MORE