Technology / Home Audio / Inductor: A transformer, or an electrical component in which impedance increases as the frequency of the AC decreases. Also known as coils. In audio, these are used in passive crossovers. Inductors are rated in Henrys.

Earth-Inductor Compass

Technology / Aviation / Earth-Inductor Compass: One whose indications depend on the current generated in a coil revolving in the earth's magnetic field. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Windings: The wire in a voice coil that is wound around the former (also called a bobbin) to create a coil. Generally, any coils in a transformer, motor, or as an inductor. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Reactance: In Ac circuits, whether passive or active, a form of frequency dependent resistance produced by inductors. Such an inductive loading will allow all dc current to pass without change, but will attenuat MORE

Toroidal Coil

Technology / Home Audio / Toroidal Coil: An inductor or transformer whose core consists of a concentrically wound ribbon of magnetic material. Also used to filter noise on a DC supply line. MORE