Input Voltage

Technology / Home Audio / Input Voltage: The power voltage provided to an amplifier. While most cars can be expect to reliably produce 12 volts, amplifiers are sometimes measured at higher voltages; up to 15 volts. In this way, higher power can be developed, albeit at the expense of longevity. It is a practice that allows higher power figures to be claimed.

Voltage Stabilizer

Entertainment / Photography / Voltage Stabilizer: Is a transformer used to produce a steady output voltage despite fluctuations of input voltage. MORE

Sensory Input

Science / Biology / Sensory Input: Stimuli that the nervous system receives from the external or internal environment; includes pressure, taste, sound, light, and blood pH. MORE

Programmed Input-Output (PIO)

Technology / Computers / Programmed Input-Output (PIO): A method of data transfer in which the host microprocessor transfers data to and from memory via the computer's I/O ports. PIO enables very fast data transfer rates, especially in single-tasking opera MORE