Insertion Loss

Technology / Home Audio / Insertion Loss: The loss of voltage (or power), as measured in db, resulting from placing a resistor (or some other power absorbing network or component) between a voltage or power source (amp) and its load impedance (speaker.) It is the ratio of the voltage (or power) absorbed in the load without the resistor (or network) to that when the network is inserted. For example, if the voltage across a load is 2 volts without a network and 1 volt with the network, then the insertion loss is stated as 6 db.

Other Words for Loss

Loss Verb Synonyms: deprivation, bereavement, privation, denial, sacrifice, forfeiture, disappearance
Loss Noun Synonyms: diminution, erosion, reduction, impoverishment, depletion, shrinkage

Photo Glossary

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Passive Losses

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Passive Activity Loss (PAL)

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