Technology / Home Audio / Jack: A receptical for a plug used to interconnect electronic devices.

Mesh Jacket

Technology / Motorcycle / Mesh Jacket: An open-weave, protective apparel for motorcycle riders that allows air to circulate through the garment offering ventilation and cooler riding for hot, summer temperatures. Most notably used in moto MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Applejack: An apple brandy produced principally in the United States and France. A version produced in Normandy, Calvados, is of very high quality. Also known as 'Jersey lighting' and 'hard cider'. Made from win MORE

Audio-Video Jacks

Technology / Television (TV) / Audio-Video Jacks: Standard definition Satellite TV system receivers would normally include three jacks: one for the video - composite or S-Video, and two for the sound - one for the right channel and one for the left. MORE

Leveling Jack

Business / Machine Shop / Leveling Jack: Small jacks (usually screw jacks) for leveling and holding work on planner beds and similar places. MORE

Banana Jacks

Technology / Home Audio / Banana Jacks: A set of connectors in which 4 spring contacts are wrapped vertically around a central pin like a banana peel. When inserted into the receptacle jack it maintains a strong and consistent contact. This MORE

Jack Daniels

Entertainment / Liquor / Jack Daniels: A whiskey of the bourbon type, made in Tennessee, which is perhaps the most famous whiskey made in America. The Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, dates from 1866 and is the oldest regi MORE