Technology / Home Audio / Keypad: A panel usually made of metal or plastic with numbered push-button switches (like a touch-tone telephone) designed to provide access to certain types of control functions. Security, CD changers, and cellular systems represent typical examples


Entertainment / Video Games / Overlay: Included with many older console games, overlays are a thin piece of plastic that slides over the buttons on a keypad, labeling the keys for the functions that pertain to that game. MORE

Sleep Mode

Technology / Cell Phones / Sleep Mode: Designed to conserve battery life, this mode automatically turns off a terminal after it has been unused for a specified period of time. The unit is reactivated when the keypad is touched. MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Alphanumeric: A message or other type of readout containing both letters (alphas) and numbers (numerics). In cellular, alphanumeric memory dial is a special type of dial-from-memory option that displays both the na MORE