Technology / Home Audio / Le: The electrical inductance of a speaker’s voice coil. (Measured In Millihenries, Mh)

Single-Camera Production

Technology / Television (TV) / Single-Camera Production: A mode of production wherein one camera operates at a time and the shots are done in the most economically efficient order. On television, the main mode used in creating prime-time dramas, made-for-tv MORE

Viewers In Profile (VIP)

Technology / Television (TV) / Viewers In Profile (VIP): The local television ratings book from Nielsen Media Research, issued after sweeps periods for each of the 210 television markets in the U.S. Click here for more information. MORE

Additional Outlet (A-O)

Technology / Television (TV) / Additional Outlet (A-O): Receivers other than the primary one can be connected to the dish allowing other televisions in the house to be on different programs than the one connected to the primary receiver. Alternatively, an MORE

Non-Narrative Television

Technology / Television (TV) / Non-Narrative Television: Televisual texts (e.g., news and sports programs, game shows, some commercials) that present reality to us without using conventional narrative structures. Instead, nonnarrative television relies on e MORE

Hypodermic Needle Theory

Technology / Television (TV) / Hypodermic Needle Theory: An effects theory which purports that the viewer is passive, and directly and immediately affected by what he/she sees on television. MORE


Entertainment / Fantasy Football / League: A group of owners (typically ranging from eight to 12 teams) that compete against each other for their fantasy football league title. MORE