Lfe Input

Technology / Home Audio / Lfe Input: Found on some powered subwoofers, this special preamp-level input accepts the 'Low Frequency Effects' signal that's output by digital 5.1-, 6.1-, or 7.1-channel home theater receivers, ensuring proper bass reproduction. This type of input doesn't route the signal through any processing inside the sub which could potentially interfere with the low-pass crossover built into the receiver's bass management circuitry. Some powered subs feature an unfiltered LFE input/output — the output sends full-range signals minus the low frequencies back to a receiver or preamplifier's 'main in' jacks for even more precise sonic control.

Input-Output Tables

Business / Finance / Input-Output Tables: Used in the context of general equities. (1) An order or market in a specific security within the inside market; 2) any announcement (earnings) that adheres closely to Wall Street analysts' expectatio MORE

Input Voltage

Technology / Home Audio / Input Voltage: The power voltage provided to an amplifier. While most cars can be expect to reliably produce 12 volts, amplifiers are sometimes measured at higher voltages; up to 15 volts. In this way, higher power MORE

Input Sensitivity

Technology / Home Audio / Input Sensitivity: Is the SPL (sound pressure level) a speaker will produce given one watt of power as measured from one meter away given a typical input frequency (usually 1khz unless otherwise noted on the speaker). T MORE