Technology / Home Audio / Limiter: An electronic compressor with a fixed ratio of 10:1 or greater. The dynamic action effectively prevents the audio signal from becoming any larger than the threshold setting. For example, if the threshold is set for, say, +12 dbu and the input signal increases by 10 db to +26 db, the output only increases by 1 db to +13 dbu, essentially remaining constant. Used primarily for preventing equipment overloads, thus reducing clipping distortion.

Rev Limiter

Technology / Motorcycle / Rev Limiter: Also known as an "RPM Limiter": A rev limiter reduces the power of an engine when a certain RPM is reached. As an engine safety device, a rev limiter is placed in the electronic circuitry to prevent MORE


Technology / Computers / Delimiter: A text character that marks the beginning and/or end of a unit of data or separates different data components. For example, periods are used as delimiters in domain names, hyphens and parentheses are MORE