Magnet Boot

Technology / Home Audio / Magnet Boot: A rubber or plastic cover for the magnet housing for protection or appearance, mostly the latter.

Other Words for Boot

Boot Noun Synonyms: shoe, riding-boot, bootee
Boot Verb Synonyms: eject, expel, shove, propel, push, kick

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Health / First Aid / Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Medical imaging technique (like X-rays and ultrasound) allowing physicians to see images of tissues. It is often used to examine the brain or spine. MORE

Magnetic Quantum Number

Science / Chemistry / Magnetic Quantum Number: Quantum number that labels different orbitals within a subshell. Mell can take on values from -ell to +ell. The number of orbitals in a subshell is the same as the number of possible mell values. MORE

Magnetic Reversal

Science / Geology / Magnetic Reversal: A change in the polarity of Earth's magnetic field in which the north magnetic pole becomes the south magnetic pole and vice versa. Also known as geomagnetic reversal or polarity reversal. Earth's mag MORE

Magnetic Stratigraphy

Science / Geology / Magnetic Stratigraphy: The study and correlation of polarity epochs and events in the history of the Earth's magnetic field as contained in magnetic rocks. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Magneto: A high-tension spark generator for the ignition system that does not require an external power source. MORE

Magnetic Tape

Technology / Television (TV) / Magnetic Tape: A ribbon of plastic with a coating on it that is sensitive to magnetic impulses created by electricity. In analog technology, these magnetic impulses are modulated on the tape in a fashion parallel to MORE