Technology / Home Audio / Mash: An acronym for Multi-stage noise shaping. This is the name given to the digital advances that were introduced after the CD specification had been established.


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Mashup: A web page which consists primarily of single purpose software and other small programs (gizmos and gadgets) or possibly links to such programs. Mashups are quick and easy content to produce and are o MORE

Sour Mash Whiskey

Entertainment / Liquor / Sour Mash Whiskey: A broad category of whiskey whereby a portion of old mash is mixed in with new to help advance the character and smoothness of the flavor. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Mashal: (plural meshalim) In the Hebrew tradition, a mashal is a broad, general term including almost any type of figurative language from short riddles to long, extended allegories. It denotes 'mysterious sp MORE

Button mashing

Entertainment / Video Games / Button mashing: This is the act of randomly hitting buttons on a game controller without knowing the correct actions to make. The term is most commonly associated with fighting games that require precise button combi MORE

Sour Mash

Entertainment / Liquor / Sour Mash: The term is usually applied to bourbon whiskey; this whiskey is made from a blended grain mash consisting of new mash and a portion of mash from a preceding mash. MORE

Mashie Niblick

Entertainment / Golf / Mashie Niblick: Archaic term for a 7 iron MORE