Technology / Home Audio / Mixer: At its simplest level, an audio processing device used to add (combine or sum) multiple inputs into one or two outputs, complete with level controls on all inputs. From here signal processing is added to each of the inputs and outputs until behemoth monsters with as many as 64 inputs are created -- at a cost of around 10-20 thousand dollars per input for fully digitized and automated boards.


Entertainment / Liquor / Chaser: A mixer that is tossed down the throat after one has drunk a straight shot of whiskey or other spirit instead of being combined with a spirit in the glass. The origonal chaser was a boiler-maker, whic MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Vodka: By United States law, vodka must be colorless, odorless, and tasteless, a combination that has made it the great universal mixer of our time and the most popular selling spirit today with 18% of the m MORE

Coco Lopez

Entertainment / Liquor / Coco Lopez: A sweet, syrupy, coconut based drink mixer. Non Alcoholic. MORE