Mono (Monaural)

Technology / Home Audio / Mono (Monaural): The operation of an amplifier in one channel for both input and output. Can refer to an amplifier with only one channel of amplification or operating in bridged mode. For low frequency amplification applications, it provides better phase coherence and less distortion than stereo operation.


Life Style / Wine / Monopole: French term for a vineyard under single ownership. MORE

Monophyletic Group

Science / Biology / Monophyletic Group: A group of organisms descended from a common ancestor. For example: your immediate family may be considered such a group, being descended from a common ancestral group (grandparents, etc.). MORE


Business / Finance / Monopoly: Market characterized by absolute control of all sales and distribution in the market by one firm, due to some barrier to entry of other firms, allowing the firm to sell at a higher price than the soci MORE


Business / Construction / Monopost: Adjustable metal column used to support a beam or bearing point. Normally 11 gauge or Schedule 40 metal, and determined by the structural engineer MORE


Business / Finance / Monopsony: Market characterized by the existence of only one buyer in a market, forcing sellers to accept a lower price than the societally optimal price. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Monophyletic: Refers to a group of species that all have a single common ancestral species MORE