Motor Structure

Technology / Home Audio / Motor Structure: The part of the speaker that moves a diaphragm to produce sound. The motor structure basically consists of a voice coil that sits inside a cylindrical magnet. Alternating current is pumped through the voice coil, which constantly changes its magnetic polarity. As the voice coil alternates between being attracted to and repelled by the magnet, it moves the attached driver to create sound.

Other Words for Structure

Structure Noun Synonyms: construct, build, organize, design, form, shape, arrange, systematize
Structure Adverb Synonyms: form, shape, configuration, organization, arrangement, make-up, framework, order, design, formation, system, nature, character
Structure Adjective Synonyms: building, edifice, house, construction

Return On Infrastructure Employed (ROIE)

Business / Accounting / Return On Infrastructure Employed (ROIE): A retrospective comparison of net earnings with yearly information technoloy (IT) operating expenses. MORE

Salary Structure

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Salary Structure: A structure of job grades and pay ranges established within an organization. May be expressed as job grades or job evaluation points. MORE


Business / Loan / Restructure: A revision of a financial agreement that alters the conditions or covenants of the original agreement. For example, parties may agree to restructure a loan agreement, easing the payment schedule, when MORE