Near Field Sound

Technology / Home Audio / Near Field Sound: Typically, any point where the direct sound emission is measurably louder than the reflections of that sound. From a more accurate technical perspective, this is the point where the velocity of molecules emitted by the radiator is out of phase with the sound pressure wave. This is especially obvious when the listener is in close proximity to high frequency emissions.

Other Words for Field

Field Noun Synonyms: battlefield, battleground, airfield, (cricket) pitch, football or hockey or soccer field, gridiron
Field Verb Synonyms: ground, land, arable, pasture, grassland, meadow, green, lawn, common, clearing, tract, area, acreage, greensward, lea, sward, mead

Other Words for Near

Near Adverb Synonyms: close, imminent, immediate, impending, looming, coming, approaching, forthcoming, in the offing, at hand
Near Adjective Synonyms: stingy, mean, niggardly, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, cheap, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, selfish, close, tight-fisted, close-fisted
Near Noun Synonyms: close (by or at hand), not far (off or away), nearby, nigh, in or into the vicinity or neighborhood, within (easy) reach

Other Words for Sound

Sound Verb Synonyms: undamaged, uninjured, whole, unmarred, in good condition or shape, intact, unimpaired, unscathed
Sound Adjective Synonyms: resound, reverberate, echo, resonate
Sound Noun Synonyms: tone, noise, din, cacophony, report

Oil Field

Science / Geology / Oil Field: An underground accumulation of oil and gas concentrated beneath an impermeable trap, preventing its escape upward. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Outfield: The portion of the playing field that extends beyond the infield and is bordered by the first and third baselines. MORE

Nonlinear Editing (NLE)

Technology / Television (TV) / Nonlinear Editing (NLE): Editing performed on a computer, in which shots do not have to be placed one after the other (i.e., in a linear fashion). MORE